There Are Certified Public Accountants in Sacramento

Published: May 22, 2012

I just googled certified public account Sacramento to prove to my husband that there were no certified public accountants in our area. Boy was I proven wrong! The only reason I said this to him was because my lovely sister told me that the other day when I told her I needed an accountant. I bet my husband $50.00 too! I just called my sister, and she burst out laughing. She couldn’t believe I actually believed what she had said. Turns out my husband told her to say this and because he knows me so well, he knew that I would bet money that I was right. I hate being wrong, and I can’t believe my sister set me up like this! Oh well, it gave everyone a good laugh. This is one bet that I could of won If I would of just looked it up as soon as my sister said it.

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