Hiring a CPA Not Only Saved Me Money, It Made Me Money!

Published: May 17, 2012

I was looking up CPA firms in Sacramento CA when it got too much for me to be keeping my own books. I have a small construction and home remodeling outfit. We mainly do custom crafted work on log homes. We build kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to match the timbers that are the structure of the home. I am at every job site doing the work and at the shop making cabinets. I have a few employees that are master craftsmen and we do all of the work. The paperwork was wearing me down. I either had to not do the actual work of my business and run the paperwork side, or I worked and then did payroll and taxes and all of the other bookwork after the other guys went home. My wife helps me but she has her own job too. I hired an accountant and now I am making more money. Not only was I missing tax savings, I was earning less but not doing the actual work of my business.

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